Strategic Planning of the Faculty

Implementation of governance through strengthening the productive work culture values or ethos, followed by optimising the use of information systems in the monitoring and evaluation, based on detailed departementalisation, through meritocracy system with follow-up construction.

International recognition efforts through optimising internationalisation programs aligned with university programs prioritise strengthening the human resource capacity of lecturers and academic staff in supporting the acceleration of many internationalisation programs at the faculty level.

Improving research, publications, and community service capabilities, which must be aligned with the faculty research roadmap in providing an impact on improving the quality of life of Indonesian society through research collaboration and publication assistance with domestic and foreign experts as a priority effort and strengthening the supporting aspects.

The lecturers' capacity to carry out the three pillars of higher education (Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi) needs to be improved with development programs such as training, secondment, mobility exchange, and others. Furthermore, management of academic staff resources with the principle of human capital efficiency also needs to be continuously developed by providing office skills and language skills. In addition, soft skills in personal development are always considered.

The integration of student programs and academic programs is needed to optimise the outputs to produce a profile of excellent and virtuous graduates, with national insight, independence, interpersonal skills, and creative and innovative problem-based orientation. In addition, this program is expected to provide benefits to the community through the implementation of multidisciplinary learning with the latest learning technology.

The actualisation of a business unit as an alternative source of funding for priority programs through collaboration with strategic partners (Smart Business) is one of the essential programs implemented at FKG Unpad.

Expansion and strengthening of networks with alumni and partners is a crucial step to increase opportunities for mutual cooperation and collaboration through information system-based portals (web-based or applications) for communication and empowerment of potential alumni and partners.