Department of Oral Biology
Faculty of Dentistry Universitas Padjadjaran

The Department of Oral Biology is a field of science that studies the combination of biomedical science with basic dentistry centred on the oromaxillofacial oral biological health. Oral Biology is concerned with the properties of oral-craniofacial tissues and applying basic scientific knowledge about normal and pathological oral tissues. Oral biology is a synergistic science between anatomy, physiology, anatomical pathology, histology, biochemistry, microbiology, parasitology, pharmacy, and pharmacology. The development of Oral Biology is helpful in diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment actions within the scope of clinical dentistry.

To become an Oral Biology Department that excels in the development of oral biology science with application in clinical dentistry.

1. Support the development of study programs at all levels of education within the Faculty of Dentistry in the field of oral biology

2. Carry out quality research programs in the field of oral biology to improve the quality of graduates and lecturers and contribute to the publication of research results.

3. Implement community service programs that are integrated with education and research in the field of oral biology in order to encourage the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Head of Department:

Prof Dr Mieke Hemiawati Satari, drg, MKes


Prof Sunardhi Widyaputra, drg, MS, PhD

Prof Dr Ani Melani Maskoen, drg, MKes

Prof Dr Achmad Syawqie, drg, MS

Emma Rachmawati, drg, MKes

Nani Murniati, drg, MKes

Warta Dewi, drg, MKes

Mochammad Rodian, drg, MKes

Dr Winny Yohana, drg, SpKGA

Dr Sri Tjahajawati, drg, MKesAIFM

Tadeus Arufan Jasrin, drg, MM

Dr Hening Tjaturina Pramesti, dra, MS

Ame Suciati Setiawan, drg, MSi

Dr Kartika Indah Sari, drg, MKes

Bremmy Laksono, drg, MSiMed

Dani Rizali Firman, drg, MSi, MSc

Erli Sarilita, drg, MSc, PhD

Yuti Malinda, drg, MM, MKes

Nuroh Najmi, SSi, MKes

Anggun Rafisa, drg, MKM

Jamas Ari Anggraini, drg, MKes

Felisha Febriane Balafif, drg, MM

Faisal Kuswandari, drg, Apt, MSi

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