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"Smart and Green Dentistry 2" Registration Extended - Anticipating the Booming Interest of Participants in the Pandemic Era

[https://fkg.unpad.ac.id/news/page50.html] Faculty of Dentistry Universitas Padjadjaran decided to extend the registration period for "Smart & Green Dentistry Run-n-Ride" until May 27, 2022, anticipating the booming interest of participants who are enthusiastic about participating in sports activities while donating for campus development during the pandemic era. After successfully holding the "Smart and Green Dentistry 1" program in 2021, the Smart & Green Dentistry Program is entering its subsequent sequel. SMART and Green Dentistry is a combination of the concept of "School of dentistry with excellent Management to Achieve best Research and Technology" (SMART) by integrating innovation, effective and efficient productivity, and preventing environmental pollution in the field of dentistry (Green Dentistry). "Smart & Green Dentistry 2" presents innovative programs, healthy lifestyle, and environmentally friendly event sequence.