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12020Tjahajawati, S., Rafisa, A., Murniati, N., & Zubaedah, C. (2020). Correlation between Taste Threshold Sensitivity and MMP-9, Salivary Secretion, Blood Pressure, and Blood Glucose Levels in Smoking and Nonsmoking Women. International Journal of Dentistry, 2020.
22020Tjahajawati, S., Zulhazmi, A., Cahyanto, A., Mariam, M. S., Djustiana, N., Aripin, D., ... & Widyaputra, S. S. (2020). Matrix levels of metalloproteinase-2 (MMP-2) and toxicity evaluation of carbonate apatite-based endodontic sealer in rat subcutaneous implantation. Heliyon, 6(7), e04330.
32020Sarilita, E., Rynn, C., Mossey, P. A., Black, S., & Oscandar, F. (2020). Facial average soft tissue depth variation based on skeletal classes in Indonesian adult population: A retrospective lateral cephalometric study. Legal Medicine, 43, 101665.
42020Yohana, W., & Wihardja, R. (2020). Characteristics of Dental Health, Dentomaxillar Growth and Body Mass Index in 3-6 years old Children in Yahya Kindergarten Bandung. Journal of International Dental and Medical Research, 13(2), 714-718.
52020Yohana, W., Tjahajawati, S., Sufiawati, I., Kartika, I. S., & Izdaulfikri, M. I. (2020). Increasing Salivary Flow Rate and Salivary Ph after Consuming Secang Drink (Caesalpinia Sappan L.) Related to Body Mass Index. Journal of International Dental and Medical Research, 13(2), 659-662.
62020Yohana, W., Alfath, A. H., Susilawati, S., & Wardani, R. (2020). Comparison of Educational Methods Between Using Leaflets and Audiovisuals in order to Increase Knowledge on the Oral Cancer among High School Students in Jatinangor, West Java, Indonesia. Journal of International Dental and Medical Research, 13(1), 166-169.
72020Rahmi, Y. Q. A. Y., Tjahajawati, S., & Pramesti, H. T. (2020). Salivary Secretion and Number of Facultative Anaerobic Bacterial Colony in Female Smokers. Journal of International Dental and Medical Research, 13(1), 175-179.
82020Yohana, W. (2020). Fixed Orthodontic Treatment in a Child Patient with Dentoalveolar Fracture: A Case Report. In Key Engineering Materials (Vol. 829, pp. 197-202). Trans Tech Publications Ltd.
92020Yohana, W. (2020). Phagocytic responses of peritoneal macrophage white rats to neutral red against plastic. Journal of Advanced Medical and Dental Sciences Research, 8(1), 207-210.
102020Sarilita E, Rynn C, Mossey PA, Black SM. Zygomaticus major muscle bony attachment site: a Thiel-embalmed cadaver study. 2020.
112018Amaliya, A., Risdiana, A. S., & Van der Velden, U. (2018). Effect of guava and vitamin C supplementation on experimental gingivitis: A randomized clinical trial. Journal of clinical periodontology, 45(8), 959-967.
122018Sarilita, E., Rynn, C., Mossey, P. A., Black, S., & Oscandar, F. (2018). Nose profile morphology and accuracy study of nose profile estimation method in Scottish subadult and Indonesian adult populations. International journal of legal medicine, 132(3), 923-931.

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Program Studi S3
Letkol Ckm (K) drg. Baby Prabowo Setyawati, MKM.
The effect of psychological stress on periodontal disease in Wistar strain rat as a psychological stress model for soldier students on their first education level in TNI
Tim Promotor: Prof. Dr. Ani Melani maskoen, drg, MKes.; Dr. Arif Rachman, drg, MM, MH, MTr.Hanla, Sp.Pros.; Dr. Arief Budiarto, DESS.